Life is full of changes, nothing ever stays the same. Changes, if well-managed, generate growth. Growth generates improvement. Improvement creates wellness.

Seizing new opportunities has always been a priority in managing the growth of our team and our clients. Self-awareness and an open mind, continuous training and exchange of ideas, quick and effective problem-solving and a clear vision of the future are some of the tools that help us maintain this principle. While constantly achieving high-quality results, we are always striving for improvement and thus welcome each new challenge as an opportunity to go beyond our limits.

Our logo symbolises an endless chain of rings that are joined together to represent growth; an embrace to represent the care and support that we desire to provide you while meeting your needs; an anchor to preserve your loved ones, your valuables, your fundamental beliefs.

Our motto “Changes bring new needs, Managing Growth is there” represents our devotion and intent to establish solid and steady client relationships that will last over time.

If you believe in these values as well, then together we can go a long way.



In 1990, we started out as a small company with six staff members working together in a small office outside the centre of Lugano. That year, Nelson Mandela became a free man, “Dances with Wolves” and “Pretty Woman” were playing in movie theatres, the first cellphone was released and the Swatch watch boom emerged.

We have faced and successfully overcome difficult moments, economic crisis, epic normative changes; times are changing but we have proven to adapt, all the while staying true to our core values.

Through years of hard work and collaboration, we have gradually established ourselves as a stable and competent figure in the Lugano financial market and are proud to be considered a trustworthy partner, both by existing clients and potential new ones.

Consulting services, too, have evolved on a socioeconomic level.

Today, we can identify ourselves as a strong and dynamic entity whose focus is on development and growth.


Since 1996, we also hold an office in London, where another team of colleagues helps us extend our services and expand our knowledge day by day.


As an independent entity, we are free to collaborate with a wide array of professionals, including but not limited to notaries, banks and asset managers,
in order to guarantee a comprehensive service to our clients.




We are tax consultants, accountants, economists, lawyers.

We support and promote the continuous training of our team members, to whom we owe our professional excellence.


We think each person should exploit their strengths and choose a job they feel passionate about, so they can always perform at their best.

We believe in professional devotion, determination, perseverance and desire for growth and achievement.

Transparency, honesty, respect, support and a sense of responsibility represent the key qualities that we appreciate in our team and provide our clients.

Together, we are able to fulfil your needs through a wide range of services.


Most of our team members have been working with us for over 10 years, thus having grown and advanced professionally within the company.

Many of them are also members of STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) and FTAF (Federazione Ticinese delle Associazioni di Fiduciari).





Whether you need assistance in business development, care and protection of family members or personal asset protection, we are prepared to meet your demands while always maintaining your privacy.

We provide consulting services and assistance on the following matters:




                  • Incorporation, restructuring and liquidation

                  • Sales, mergers, acquisitions, recovery, relocation and joint ventures

                  • Submission of feasibility studies

                  • Tax comparison study and fiscal impact assessment

                  • Organizational and legal aspects for industrial, financial and commercial sector businesses

                  • E-commerce business activities

                  • Representation before tax authorities

                  • Swiss “Imposta Preventiva” and foreign withholding tax reclaim or exemption regarding dividends, interests and royalties, pursuant to Double

                   Taxation Treaties

                  • Real estate transactions

                  • Business plan drafting, budgeting, financial and investment planning

                  • Compliance and due diligence support

                  • Business contract drafting


                  • Accountancy and bookkeeping

                  • Controlling, economic accounting and asset analyses

                  • Intermediate and/or annual financial statements, closing of annual and periodic reporting periods

                  • Provision and management of VAT and customs declarations, Swiss and EU VAT compliance and representative services

                  • Ordinary and extraordinary administrative management



                  • Job contract and job certificate drafting

                  • Swiss work permits

                  • Payrolls and payslips

                  • Social security contributions, insurance and withholding tax

                  • Employee relocation, transfer, staff secondment

                  • Commuters


                  • Tax consulting on a national and international level

                  • Personal Income Tax Returns

                  • Swiss forfait tax regime (so-called “tassazione globale sul dispendio” / “globalisti”)

                  • Swiss so-called “Imposta Preventiva” and foreign withholding tax reclaim regarding dividends, interests and royalties, pursuant to Double

                   Taxation Treaties

                  • Capital gains tax (CGT) declarations

                  • Swiss residence permits

                  • Swiss tax voluntary disclosure and simplified tax recovery in case of inheritance in Switzerland

                  • Italian Tax Voluntary disclosure

                  • Relocation and relevant tax planning

                  • Tax due diligence regarding direct and indirect taxes

                  • Fiscal impact assessment

                  • Real estate transactions

                  • Assistance to foreign residents in obtaining the authorisation to purchase Swiss real estate (so-called “LAFE” Swiss Law)

                  • Tax consulting on inheritance and donations/gifts in Switzerland and Italy



                  • Succession planning
                  • Trust establishment and management (professional Trustees in Lugano and London)

                  • Tax planning for passing on the business to the next generation

                  • Family office

                  • Inheritance Executor

                  • Professional Protector


FINANCIAL SERVICES from the London office

                  • Investment research & financial analysis

                  • Corporate finance

                  • Business valuation












                 With reference to our duties pursuant to the Automatic Exchange of Information rules, please kindly note that the list of Partner States is

                 available at  link.
                 Please find
here the Information Letter on the International Automatic Exchange of Information in Tax Matters (AEOI)

Through our services, you shall acquire:

                        • a global vision of your professional and personal affairs

                        • personal and family wealth planning

                        • protection of your professional and personal affairs

                        • plain vanilla management of your activities




We have always truly believed in the value of establishing client relations that are built upon honesty and trust. Our purpose is to find solutions that not only meet your immediate needs but are optimal in the long run.


Our uniqueness lies in the high level of professionalism, developed and preserved through continuous professional development and training, as well as a global vision, practicality, attention to detail and connections with international experts in the field. Our goal is to allow our clients to focus exclusively on what is most important their lives, while letting us take care of their business and professional affairs.

What makes us stand out is HOW we do our job: going straight to the point!

We like to understand what is fundamental for our clients, anticipating their needs, showing them opportunities they may have overlooked.

We aim to be the one and only reliable point of reference to our clients.

The positive synergies developed in our team enable us to operate successfully in numerous areas of expertise.

We manage complex matters with a broad, innovative and comprehensive vision.

Our service delivers quick and concrete solutions.

We support our clients from the initial stage to project completion and further.

Since we strongly believe in ethics and human value, we are proud to be the Gold Sponsor del Film Festival Diritti Umani di Lugano | link


Our key competencies:

             • Understanding your real needs

             • Solving critical matters

             • Having a comprehensive overview

             • Providing quick and efficient solutions



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