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Our Unique Expertise

Complete Trust service

Our highly specialized legal knowledge and experience is well combined with the financial skills of our consultants to offer a complete Trust service being able to supervise and manage the trust fund and structure investments of bankable asset. 


What our clients and partners say

​Our clients and partners believe that we have a solid and extensive trust expertise and they recognize we are financial intermediaries uniquely qualified to provide the professional services and technical support they need.

Ufficio Avvocato

an international experience

We are actively involved in virtually every area of international succession and inheritance planning, from setting up and administration of new trusts, to already existing trusts restructuring, and family crisis negotiation. 

Dealing with complex cross-border planning issues has been a mainstay of our practice. We represent entrepreneurs, wealthy individuals and families with assets and members in multiple jurisdictions.


We work closely with client's advisors to maximize overall efficiency.

comprehensive advice

Wealthy individuals, families, professionals or entrepreneurs are often faced with difficult questions regarding their assets.

Our specialists can offer a comprehensive advice regarding the Trust fund. They will analyse the overall asset situation, suggest an investment strategy geared to client's needs and formulate the best possible solution.

We provide a sensible advice based on experience taking investment assets and tied assets (real estate, equity in companies, artworks etc.) into account, combined with an optimal diversification of the overall bankable asset portfolio.

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