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Careful planning of asset transfer within your family.

Scambiarsi una stretta di mano

Changing needs
2020 was the year of the spread of the pandemic; 2022 of the war between Russia and Ukraine. Prior to these events, people were not used to bending over frequently on matters of inheritance or had the time to deal with these delicate family situations.

The precariousness to which we have been accustomed has forced a change of course, to be prepared in the face of exceptional events.

Hence the growing need to plan one's future, also according to a financial perspective, to guarantee congruous generational wealth transitions and to avoid dispersion of assets accumulated over time.

Why choose a Trust
The Trust is  also a flexible institution capable of drawing up long-term plans and a valuable tool against unpredictable risks, such as the loss of sources of income, a serious illness, a family crisis.

The Trust can adapt to new needs that arise in a context of progressive aging of the population as well as the evolution of the family, ranging from traditional, to extended or dislocated in different countries, as well as civil unions or de facto couples.

The Trust can be shaped according to the concrete organizational structure of the business and the specific composition of the family, and allows for harmonious and effective operational solutions for the many interests involved.

Can the Trust be right for me?

Some examples

Image by Zachary Kyra-Derksen

Unforeseen events

A sudden illness

I thought I had the world in my hands but at some point everything changed and unfortunately an accident changed my life.

I want to be cared for to the highest standard but without burdening my family members.

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Entrepreneurs for generations

Extended family

I want to protect the business built so hard by my father, my children from my first marriage and the last one I had with my current partner whom I do not want to marry.

I have real estate in several countries around the world. If I were to fail, no one would know how to manage the company and the assets.

Coppia lesbica

De facto couples

Together forever-but you never know

We built a start-up together that was quickly successful. In case of bankruptcy we would not want to lose all the assets.

If we decide to have a baby we would also want it to be protected in the event of our separation.

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1 million followers but few trusted people

I built myself. I saved a lot of money but I don't know how to invest it, I only bought bitcoin. I don't want to get married or have children. If I should fail I would like someone to donate my assets to reliable charities and take care of my dog. 

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